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Schools & LAs Armed Forces engagement

Armed Forces engagement

Service parent/carer survey (2020).

Experiences that had a positive impact on Service child’s (children’s) wellbeing and educational experience: 39% said being part of the Armed Forces community and 34% said participation in extra-curricular activities.

Royal Navy engagement

Audience: Ages 9 – 18, up to 30 young people, or whole year groups for presentations

Location: All Wales

Format: Face to face or virtual

Length of session: The minimum time for a presentation is 1 hour but can be all day if required

Language of delivery: English only


Sessions can include:

  • “Lost At” sessions – set either at sea, desert or cold mountains environments. With stories, videos and real-life experiences followed by an interactive session on listing survival equipment in order, where students get points for how close they are to a survival experts list.
  • Sport and nutrition sessions – team games / healthy living etc - presentation and flightdeck games from a Royal Navy Sports Endurance Leader.
  • Drill sessions.
  • Communication and Teamwork – Understanding you, what makes for a good team, how can you improve how your communication skills.


  • Presentation about what the Navy do all over the world – including ships, roles, aircraft and the Royal Navy support Britain’s interests globally.
  • Humanitarian Hurricane relief or Environmental – similar to above with real life stories and situations and then Q&A interaction with the students about priorities.
  • Helicopter build – presentation on the fleet air arm helicopters followed by a paper helicopter build to help the students understand rotational forces.
  • Naval history and ceremonial presentations.
  • My well-being – a talk combining fun activities as we touch on mental health, highlighting where to seek help and what we can do to improve our wellbeing.
  • Nutrition for Endurance athletes – Royal Navy/Marines Triathlon Head Coach breaks down the science behind fuelling our bodies. Based for College/University students the talk can be tailored for a younger audience.
  • The biomechanics of human motion – the physiological changes as we progress from standing, to walking, to sprinting.

STEM activities

  • Different sessions that offer team building, communication and leadership, including “Spiderweb”, “carpet tiles”, “gutterball”, “centipede skis”, “defuse the bomb”, “shapes” and “hoola hoops”.
  • Build a paper missile and launch from a pneumatic launcher.
  • Buoyancy explained – How does 65,000t of aircraft carrier float? Including Cartesian diver experiment.
  • Weather cycle in a bag.
  • STEM sessions – Kits and learning sessions 

Many of these sessions already have lesson plans and Risk Assessments.

The Royal Navy Engagement team can also talk about careers and specify different roles, requirements, eligibility, Diversity and Inclusion, or anything that the teacher/leader requires.

For further information or to request a session contact: 

British Army engagement

Audience: Secondary schools, Further Education settings

Location: All Wales

Format: Face to face or virtual

Length of session: 40 minutes to two hours

Language of delivery: English only 


The British Army Regional Engagement team can deliver tailored sessions including Military interest lessons, life skills sessions and STEM activities.

The key objective of your Regional Engagement Team is to engage with young people across Wales with fun activities which are based on some of the key elements of being a professional soldier: leadership, communications and teamwork. The activities can be delivered in a classroom, sports hall or outdoors setting and are designed to get young people talking to each other and working to ether to achieve a common aim.

The team can also call upon specialists such as engineers, musicians or chefs to deliver trade masterclasses.


For further information or to request a session, complete the Army in Wales Enquiry form.

Royal Air Force engagement

Audience: STEM (Primary and Secondary to year 9). Outreach and Community Engagement (Secondary year 9+)

Location: All Wales subject to availability

Format: Face to face or virtual

Length of session: 45 minutes to whole day

Language of delivery: English



Interactive fun STEM sessions for young people from ages 9 – 14 yrs. Opportunities to engage in RAF national programme delivered at key sites, enter RAF sponsored competitions, and request sessions to be delivered at your school. STEM activities are distinct from recruitment and are provided at no cost.

Free downloadable curriculum mapped STEM resources are available from the RAF website, available in English and Welsh. 


For further information please contact the team at 


Careers Engagement

Outreach sessions delivered in school for ages 14+ including team building and personal development with an emphasis on career briefs and understanding opportunities within the RAF.

Community based sessions offering a range of activities to support levelling up, breaking down barriers and inspiring young people ages 14+.

For further information or to request a session contact: 

Service children’s quotes

"As soon as we get used to a house, you get moved - I’ve been to four schools and moved six times."


"I lived in Nepal, then we went to Brunei, then Malaysia."


"In my eyes, you have hundreds of friends in different places."


"I’m used to moving now and mixing with the children... I’ve done it so many times, it’s just a normal thing now."


"It's ok talking over skype and that, but sometimes you just want a hug when Dad is away."


"I’ve enjoyed going around to lots of places around the world, it's adventurous and exciting."


"In my eyes, you have hundreds of friends in different places."


"My mum got a chalk board and it says how many sleeps on it with chalk, every minute it’s getting closer for him coming home."


"I don’t want him to get promoted... I want him to get promoted but I don’t want to leave."


"I might be going to boarding school so that I don’t change schools every few years."


"I've been to seven different schools; I’ve not stayed put in one school long enough."


"He has been away for six months and he is back for two weeks, then he goes away again."


"My parents were in the Army. My mum is a like a nurse and my dad went to the war in Afghanistan. I actually didn’t really know what he was doing so I was like, ‘Cool Dad, go there,’ but then I found out and thought, 'Thank God he came back alive.'"


"He signed off last week, so he will be done by the end of this year. He’s done 24 years. I find that better because he will be around a lot. He likes watching us playing rugby, so he will get to see us more."


"I’m going to a new place entirely. They don’t know anything about me and that’s a big restart and that’s really good for me."


"I moved to Wales because my dad was posted in the Army. I thought I would get bullied and I was shy when you meet new people, but I made some friends."