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Schools & LAs Armed Forces Friendly Schools

Armed Forces Friendly Schools


Funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, the Armed Forces Friendly Schools Status aims to:

  1. Embed good practice for supporting Service children
  2. Create a positive environment for Service children to share their experiences
  3. Encourage schools to become more engaged with their Armed Forces community.

The Regional School Liaison Officers (RSLO) will work closely with all schools to support them in achieving their status, through activities/actions on the SSCE Cymru School checklist.

Schools will be expected to follow these three steps throughout the process to achieve the status:

  1. Identify - Service children and a key member of staff to become the Service Children School Champion
  2. Understanding – Develop an understanding of Service children and their needs by completing the SSCE Cymru CPD/E-learning
  3. Engage – Engage with SSCE Cymru and the Armed Forces Community.

Service parent/carer survey (2020).

Challenges schools face in supporting Service children: 81% indicated gaining an understanding of the Armed Forces lifestyle, 58% said identifying Service children and 56% indicated supporting Service children with their emotional and wellbeing needs.


There are three levels of awards for schools to work towards, which are achieved by meeting the following criteria:


  1. Identify Service children in the school
  2. Identify a ‘Service Children School Champion’ (SCSC) who will be the primary link with SSCE Cymru
  3. SCSC to complete the SSCE Cymru CPD/e-learning
  4. Complete at least 40% of activities/actions on the school checklist


  1. Have previously been awarded a Bronze Armed Forces Friendly School status

  2. Complete at least 60% of activities/actions on the school checklist

  3. Organise for the Armed Forces Engagement Teams to deliver a session with Service children and their peers

  4. Audit the schools support for Service children by using the SCiP Alliance Thriving Lives Toolkit.


  1. Have previously been awarded a Silver Armed Forces Friendly School status
  2. Complete at least 80% of activities/actions on the school checklist
  3. Implement at least 3 of the principles within the SCiP Alliance Thriving Lives Toolkit.

When a school is awarded Armed Forces friendly schools status, to celebrate their achievement and demonstrate their commitment to the Armed Forces community, they will be awarded with:

  • An Armed Forces Friendly School flag
  • A framed certificate/trophy
  • A bronze/silver/gold Armed Forces Friendly Schools logo which can be used on the school website and email signatures.

Schools may also be invited to participate in local and/or regional celebration events with SSCE Cymru, the Armed Forces and local authority Armed Forces Champions.

Download the Armed Forces Friendly School application form here

Service children’s quotes

"As soon as we get used to a house, you get moved - I’ve been to four schools and moved six times."


"I lived in Nepal, then we went to Brunei, then Malaysia."


"In my eyes you have hundreds of friends in different places."


"I’m used to moving now and mixing with the children... I’ve done it so many times it’s just a normal thing now."


"It's ok talking over skype and that but sometimes you just want a hug when Dad is away."


"I’ve enjoyed going around to lots of places around the world, its adventurous and exciting."


"In my eyes you have hundreds of friends in different places."


"My mum got a chalk board and it says how many sleeps on it with chalk, every minute it’s getting closer for him coming home."


"I don’t want him to get promoted... I want him to get promoted but I don’t want to leave."


"I might be going to boarding school so that I don’t change schools every few years."


"I've been to seven different schools; I’ve not stayed put in one school long enough."


"He has been away for six months and he is back for two weeks, then he goes away again."


"My parents were in the Army. My mum is a like a nurse and my dad went to the war in Afghanistan. I actually didn’t really know what he was doing so I was like, ‘Cool Dad, go there’, but then I found out and thought, 'Thank God he came back alive.'"


"He signed off last week, so he will be done by the end of this year. He’s done 24 years. I find that better because he will be around a lot. He likes watching us playing rugby, so he will get to see us more."


"I’m going to a new place entirely. They don’t know anything about me and that’s a big restart and that’s really good for me."


"I moved to Wales because my dad was posted in the Army. I thought I would get bullied and I was shy when you meet new people, but I made some friends."